If you can dream it...

You can make it happen

Literally millions of people struggle on a day-to-day basis just to get through the day–their dreams either long forgotten, partially conceived, suppressed or just not clear. Yet it is the very thrust towards achieving one’s dreams that keeps one excited about life.

It’s interesting that nowhere in history can one find a place where dreams are discovered, fashioned, molded, repaired, shined, and made to come true—a “Dream Factory.”

The Dream Factory Inspirational Library Trailer

What if such a place was to exist – a place where an individual could pinpoint his strongest interest and – or passion, and through an efficient, caring process of specific real steps see that they are manufacturing their dream? To quote a well-known philosopher, "It's not man's dreams that fail him but his inability to make them a reality."

Cass Warner decided in 2006 to gather stories of successful journeys that could be watched as a tool to inspire others who want to see how others achieved their dreams and goals called "The Inspirational Library."

After a decade of helping thousands of people around the world, Bernard Percy and his career study consulting organization, "Career Solutions, Inc." is a stellar example of assisting others in being able to determine the educational or career direction that can help one's dreams come into being. The goal is to help others go confidently in the direction of their dreams and live the life they imagine. http://www.careersolutions.biz

Other examples of how these tools and services could be used would be in schools to assist students in discovering their purpose for being a student—showing them that what they are studying now will lead to a future achievement of a goal or purpose they have. If all one’s children have grown up and left home, and a mother doesn’t have a new game to play, this would assist in rehabilitating her own goals. If someone in prison wanted to turn a new leaf but didn’t know how to do it, this could help them to see what alternatives they have to change old habits that landed them in the situation they’re now in.

The story of the Warner brothers is an example of individuals with a huge dream who came from nothing. Despite the odds against them, they treated every stop or barrier as an incentive to take their next step rather than a reason to quit. Using my family as an example, I’d like to encourage others with this philosophy and way of life.

The Dream Factory motto is: "If you can dream it, you can make it happen."

Cass Warner interview by Lucia Lombardo