About Us

Our History

Helping Achieve Dreams Worldwide

While researching her family's story, Cass Warner began to realize what an incredibly valuable, big goal her family (especially her grandfather, Harry) had, and what it took to get through the barriers to reach this enormous dream. Inspired herself by their determination and smarts to work through their problems, while never losing sight of their vision, she decided to encourage others by using the Warner brothers' story as well as the journeys of others to create the non-profit – "The Dream Factory."

Using imagination, insight and encouragement as well as information that can assist others to recognize, mold and achieve their dreams is our wish to help create a brighter future for many!

Our Future

Helping Achieve Dreams Worldwide

The Dream Factory has been built to give participants a voice and a platform, to help them create and increase awareness of their own journey as well as share successful actions that inspire others. By connecting dreamers with doers, creatives with creators, we make known some life tools that can aid individuals to reach their goals.

The Dream Factory Project will continue to collect one-on-one conversations with passionate personalities that "educate, entertain and enlighten" and assists in carrying on the original Warner Bros.'s motto, which they used in creating the type of stories they're known for.