Adam Ravetch

Adam Ravetch: Multiple Emmy Award Winning Underwater Cinematographer, Filmmaker & Rolex/Explorer’s Club Lowell Thomas Award Winner for Exploration.

No stranger to the art of storytelling, Adam hails from a distinguished lineage of motion picture screenwriters. His aunt & uncle wrote “The Cowboys,” starring John Wayne, and after attending its premiere Adam knew he wanted to live a life outside among the stars. Hoping to continue in his predecessors’ narrative tradition but setting his own path, Adam pursued the real world, but never expected his muse to be found in the most unexpected of places – above and beneath the Arctic ice.

Persevering through a 3-decade Arctic career, Adam’s single-minded-purpose explored & weaved undiscovered animal behavior into personal narratives. His Paramount Pictures Movie, Arctic Tale; a “cutting-edge-first,” warned us of a warming-world through a strong-narrative about the first generation of walrus & bears growing-up in the changing Arctic. He followed that with National Geographic/Universal Pictures 3D Polar Bear Movie; a teenage-polar bear’s epic swim surviving the longest ice-free-summer ever.

That, & other “cinematic firsts” makes Ravetch a standout of his generation. His work is embedded in hundreds of programs and can been seen in major series like BBC’s Planet Earth, Disney’s Secrets of the Whales, Imax’s To The Arctic, as well as his own award-winning narratives for National Geographic, and PBS.

Whether it’s new behavior of bears scaling ocean-cliffs to hunt birds, discovering walrus birthing grounds, cracking a centuries-old mystery of narwhal using their tusks to stun fish, or risking, living-alone to capture bears’ epic predatory battles hunting walrus; Ravetch is determined to document unknown behaviors; finds personal narratives to engage & inspire audiences understanding, while contributing knowledge to the natural history archive.