Bernard Percy

Accomplishments and Achievements

Bernard Percy – Over 50 years of education and communication experience in both the public and private sectors, including from 1998 to 2003, editor in chief and co-founder of Converge magazine, a multi-award winning national magazine on education and technology. Founder and president of Career Solutions – an educational and career consulting organization that delivers the Foundations of Brilliance program helping thousands of people, world-wide make the right choice for their career and education path.

Educator: Fourteen years in the New York City and Los Angeles public school system, teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grades; served in the university and adult education areas, including work with the Desegregation Training Institute at California State University at Northridge, and the UCLA Adult Education Extension Course program; trained artists working in pubic schools for Performing Tree, an organization bringing the arts to the public schools. Director of Community College Programs for Green Technology, developing conferences and training workshops on Green Education and workforce development. On the Advisory Board of Applied Scholastics, International, an organization bringing a technology and philosophy of study to students and teachers across the globe.

Author: Eight books on education and parenting including “How to Grow a Child … A Child’s Advice to Parents” (Price/Stern/Sloan); “Help Your Child in School” (Prentice-Hall); “The Power of Creative Writing” (Prentice-Hall); Recapturing Technology for Education: Keeping Tomorrow in Today’s Classrooms (Rowman/Littlefield); Dad Write This Book — Bring Out The Best in Yourself and Your children; Your Right Career – How to Make the Right Choice for Your Education and Career path: Live the Life You Imagine

Creator/Presenter of Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, Internationally: Lectured and presented workshops and seminars on a variety of educational topics, both stateside and internationally at such distinguished institutions as City University of New York, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Waseda University in Tokyo, and Moscow University Bernard has delivered workshops and seminars on parenting and child rearing across the world, including Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Taiwan, China, and the United States. He has developed conferences for such organizations as the California, Los Angeles and New York City school systems, both K-12 and higher education audiences.

Consulting with Green Technology (an organization helping to promote Green Technology programs and solutions) Director of Community College programs

Jury member evaluating educational technology projects and programs for international competitions:

  • Stockholm Challenge (Sweden) – 2001 and 2002
  • Global Junior Challenge (Rome, Italy) – 2000 and 2002

Education Overview

1965                    Master’s Degree in Childhood Education at Columbia University, Teachers College (awarded membership in Phi Delta Kappa, an education honor society)

1964                    Bachelor’s Degree, Brooklyn College, majoring in education


Bernard Percy is a revelation! A teacher, childhood educator and parent ‘enlightener’ he is a big man, with a very big heart. He does not speak about raising kids from some abstract academic point of view. You’ll find no “pyschobabble” in his seminars. Just heart-warming stories from a man who is clearly loved and adored by his own children. His methods are simple and endearing, empowering both the parent and the child with their own point of view. You’ll find yourself going “of course” again and again as you listen to him speak, for the answers he unveils to “common childhood problems” are so obvious, you wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. But when you are busy with work and family issues, it is easy to forget the fundamentals. Bernard brings them back to you with memorable ease. A few hours spent with him is worth a lifetime of experience. If you get a chance to see him, cancel everything and take it, you and your kids will not regret it!