Inspirational Library

The Inspirational Library is written, directed, and hosted by Cass Warner. It’s an on-going series of conversations with some of today’s most recognized actors and leading professionals passionate about what they do. Moving away from the pre-packaged Q&A sessions commonly seen, each dialogue shares a depth and perspective into the lives of these individuals, and feels like a discussion between old friends. Those being interviewed explain their journey to success, including the inspiration and obstacles they encountered along the way. As they share their private stories of accomplishment, we learn how they got to where they are, what they’ve found works, and what they envision their expansion to be.

The Interviews

A Conversation with Cass Warner




“Cass Warner made me so comfortable in her interview that it was like stepping into a warm bath. It was truly a great and magical experience.” 

SYD FIELD, screenwriting guru

“One of the great gifts that Cass gives to you is allowing you to be you – she is so caring and interested that you can’t help but want to share yourself with her as she interviews you.”

BERNARD PERCY, consultant & educator

A Cass Warner Inspirational Favorite