OPTION 1: A one-on-one 60 minute introductory consultation. This includes getting a copy of the book “Your Right Career—Live the Life You Imagine.”  $97.00 fee

"I can’t tell you how much I recommend this brilliant program, it’s such a game changer. Go for it!"

Carolyne - songwriter, singer, performer.

OPTION 2: Prerequisite is a completion of Option 1. This is a Masterclass. A 90-minute knowledge presentation that is intended to help you understand the basic knowledge you need about yourself that will help you determine your true path to make your dreams become a reality. $197 fee

"...your program really gives the foundations for a productive life. My career direction did not change so much, but it gave me certainty and acknowledgement. And now I trust myself much more than ever and I know that I can be really good on my job and I can create a brilliant future."

Gabor - Consultant

OPTION 3: Prerequisite completion of option 2. This is a personal consultation one-on-one to fully determine for yourself the direction and steps that will help you achieve your dreams. This includes building a strong foundation based on the correct alignment of your talents, personality and purpose.  This takes anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. $2,497.00 fee

"It’s so amazing how MY PURPOSE helped me to find MY BUSINESS.

People started to buy my pictures, and friends asked to train them and their children. When I saw that emotion which people feel when, without being artists, they paint pictures themselves - I was shocked - there was my purpose! So I started holding master classes over many countries."

Oleg - Artist