"This program has been a total GAME CHANGER!

I went into this program struggling because I felt wishy washy on my career goals and wasn’t able to clearly name what I really wanted. Going through this program totally bowled me over with mind blowing realizations on what my purpose really is:  TO HEAL AND IGNITE PEOPLE THROUGH MY ART!

The way the program is run is so brilliant and personal. You get to truly take a look at what makes YOU special, what impels you, and what is truly meaningful to you as [an individual]. Discovering why I want to do the things I do, has opened the door to endless... restoration of dream following energy! It has changed my life in the best possible way... You feel limitless!! 

I can’t tell you how much I recommend this brilliant program, it’s such a game changer. Go for it!"

Carolyne - songwriter, singer, performer.

"Your program really gives the foundations for a productive life. My career direction did not change so much, but it gave me certainty and acknowledgement.

And now I trust myself much more than ever and I know that I can be really good on my job and I can create a brilliant future."

Gabor - Personal Consultant

"It was basically his (Bernard’s) insight that helped me define my goals a few years ago to where I am now. In short, you become more you and do what you really have of goals, and become a success with YOUR dream."

Thorsten - Personal Consultant

"And as for your approach with The Dream Factory. I think what you are doing is great. As I said, starting me off with a statement of purpose is essential as you have really driven me to focus myself on what I really want, need and dream about. That Statement of Purpose is now living in my head and I believe, and I am hopeful, that with yours and Dream Factory’s help it will manifest itself clearly for the first time."

Adam - Filmmaker, explorer